Class Specs

Sedgefield Team Challenge

Teams will consist of 3 or 4 riders and their mounts.  Each team member will compete in the under saddle phase and 2 over fences phases.  Each phase will be scored.  The lowest score for each team of 4 for each phase will be dropped.  Teams of 3 will have no drop score.  The highest total team score will be the winner.  Top 3 teams will receive prizes.  Open to Juniors and amateurs only, no professionals.  You jump the height that you are entered to jump all weekend.  All lines will be set on a 12′ stride.  The top 12 highest individual scores will be invited back for an individual final on Saturday.  Entry fee $45 per horse.

Sedgefield Trainer’s Derby

Single round Derby with “Handy” Test incorporated into the single round.  Fence heights of 2’6″ and 2’9″.  No entry fee!  Open to professionals only.

Prize Money: $150, $100, $50

$2,000 Hunter Derby

This class will consist of two rounds with the first round being a classic hunter round and the second a handy hunter round.  Fences at 2’6”, 2’9″, 3’ or 3’3″. Obstacles must simulate those reminiscent of the hunt field. Course may include up to 4 option fences for bonus points.  Open to any horse/rider or pony/rider combination.

Entry Fee: $90

Prize money: $500, $350, $300, $250, $180, $160, $140, $120

The Sedgefield Equitation Challenge Medal

Points to be accumulated from the following classes:

Equitation 11 & under
Equitation 12-14
Equitation 15-17
The NCHJA Children’s Medal
The NCHJA Pony Medal
The NCHJA Adult Medal

The top 20 will be qualified for a Medal Final to be held in October.
The final will consist of 3 phases: over fences, flat and a test for the top 8.

“Equitation is the art or practice of horse riding or horsemanship. More specifically,
equitation may refer to a rider’s position while mounted, and encompasses a rider’s
ability to ride correctly and with effective aids. In horse show competition,
the rider, rather than the horse is evaluated.”

$300 Peacock Acres Mini Derby Series

Open to any junior showing at the 2’6″ height or under. Fences 2’, 2’3” and 2’6”.

2 rounds – The first will be a typical hunter round, the top 12 will come back for a

2nd handy hunter course. Numerical scoring for both rounds.

Entry Fee: $40

1st $105 2nd $75  3rd $45  4th $30 5th $30  6th 15 7th R  8th R

Points will be kept for the series, anyone who receives a ribbon at one of the qualifying classes is eligible for the finals in September.

Sedgefield Showgrounds